Collective rights relating to advanced booking and payment

Collective rights relating to advanced booking and payment

British Dressage / Trailblazers Dressage / Unaffiliated dressage

There are special case events that are an exception to the general rule – please see below.

Most dressage event entries officially close 14 days before the show. For the avoidance of doubt the official close of entries will be considered as the Postal Entry Close date or the date shown on the BD schedule site – whichever is the sooner. This is to be know as the “Official Closing Date

In practise we are able to accept these entries much later than that however we have no implemented a late entry surcharge in lieu of increasing our entry fees. More details on this may be found on the schedule page of each event if applicable.

Online entries normally close 3-4 days before a normal show.

In ALL circumstances entries may close when a class or a show is full, at any time after this official closing date.


Regardless of the reason we are able to let competitors withdraw from competition. We do not ask for proof of reason, nor do we accept any reason as grounds to alter our policy.

Our rule is quite simple.

Within 7 days of the competition we will offer a credit for your entry fees only (any late entry fees will be lost).

Once online entries have closed then no credit and no refund is offered.

This is the moment we either turn them off, or the closing date causes them to deactivate.

The clause above is a change from our previous policy which referred to “times being sent” rather than the close of online entries.

Before the official closing date we will offer a full refund if requested subject to a £2.50 admin charge per horse per class.

Show Cancellation

If for any reason we have to cancel the show then we will offer a refund or credit for all current active members of the show.

*Special Cases

The following are special cases and the the official closing date of the event rather than the online closing date will be taken with respect to withdrawals and credits

  • Specific Qualifying competitions – BD Young Horses, BS Pre-entry second round competitions
  • Area Festivals – First or Second Round
  • Championship shows as designated by the word “Championship”
  • Any second round competitions as designated by the word(s) “Second Round”

In the above case no credit or refund will be offered once the official postal entry deadline has passed.

Prior to that a refund less £2.50 per horse per class will be allowed.


Just for the sake of clarity, you will see that our centre terms are FAR more favourable than the terms we are entitled to abide by.

  1. No refund will be made to those withdrawing after the close of entries.
  2. Fifty percent of total entry fees will be returned to those whose withdrawal is received before the close of entries, and confirmed in writing within seven days.
  3. A full refund will be made for horses which upgrade on or before the close of entries, but whose entries are not transferred to classes of a higher grade.
  4. A full refund will be made for horses put on a waiting list but not eventually offered a place.
  5. In the event of a competition being cancelled, Organisers are entitled to retain up to £2.50 per horse, per class. The remainder is to be refunded to all entrants, including those who withdrew before the close of entries.
  6. Competitors on waiting lists who choose to withdraw will have 50% of their total entry fees refunded.


If you book onto a clinic then you accept that this is NEVER a refundable payment.

We are more than happy to allow you to sell on your slot to another rider and indeed we will help you with this if at all possible.

Hire of Facilities

This policy specifically relates to casual customer hire – this does not relate to commercial hire, the terms of which will be specified at time of booking.

Booking over the telephone will attract a £1.50 surcharge.

Refunds are not offered.

Our system is self-service and as such you are responsible for managing your own bookings.

Indoor Arena Hire

You may not book less than 24 hours in advance online – it may be possible to book inside this time by calling us

Once booked you may transfer your own booking using our online system, up to 12 hours before that booking. After that your booking is confirmed and not refundable.

Outdoor Arena Hire

Either with or without jumps you may book up to 2 hour before the required time slot.

Once booked you may transfer your own booking using our online system, up to 12 hours before that booking. After that your booking is confirmed and not refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking should the facility become unavailable. We will refund you only the cost of your hire.

 Please do not ask us to alter within the 12 hours as refusal often offends. 

Our rights

We reserve the right to cancel any show, event or facility hire with reasonable notice. Reasonable will be defined by the circumstance – which may be beyond our control.

For the purpose of hire cancellation relating to circumstances under our control we will accept this period to be the same as we offer you.

In any case we will be liable for no more than the cost of hire.

Should a show be cancelled for any reason you will be entitled to a full refund or credit. No consequential losses will be entertained.

It is our obligation to ensure we inform you of this – which we will do by email or SMS depending on the contact methods you have supplied us with.

We can not, however, be responsible should you not receive these communications – if we can prove we have sent them.

For the avoidance of doubt, if you provide an email address we have to presume you can receive emails from the centre. If you provide a mobile telephone number we must also be able to presume you can received SMS text messages.

If you provide neither then we can not efficiently contact you.