Data Protection and Privacy

It’s time to talk data!

Most people gloss over when legal things are talked about but we thought it quite important to explain in English how we see the new GDPR act affecting the way we work with you.

All the information we hold on you is stored on UK based servers. The only exception may be our payment system – Stripe. Full information on their approach to GDPR may be found here –Stripe

Where did you get my information from?

In the first instance more than 95% of our database comes from active competitors at the centre, or people that have knowingly signed up to receive information from us.

That may have been from our mail list form, but normally this comes from registering to compete.

In some instances we may have historically been passed your information from one of the associations, but what ever the case it will have been from a source directly related to the business of being involved in shows and events at the centre.

What data do you hold, why do you have it and can I see it?

Any personal data beyond your name, association number and sometimes email address will have come solely from you. In most cases very little of this is actually required by us in your registration process.

The information we hold on you is important because

  • Mobile phone number – to send dressage times and urgent messages about shows
  • Email –  to send show information, receipts and confirmation of entries
  • Name – obvious I hope
  • Address – We never like to think this, but you may be injured whilst riding at the centre and this information may be very important, especially if that injury makes you unable to communicate

As we have now moved to MyRidingLife your data is held by them in accordance with the GDPR agreement you have with them. We did NOT transferred any personal data to them other than a handful of email addresses and BD number in order to port the 10 or so entries on our system but not theirs.

Our scheduling service and our payment provider both comply with the GDPR regulations.

Tracking you on our website

We use Google Analytics – and whilst this does track how people us our website it does NOT make this specific. We can see someone did something but not who.

What you do with our data

Keep you in touch with what is going on at Kingswood and send you some offers from our shop. 

Under NO circumstances will anyone else EVER have access to your personal data.

Who has access to my data

Trained members of staff who require it for the running of our business only.

New Parts of GDPR we think are relevent

-The right to be forgotten

We do not require any personal information on you if you no longer wish to compete at the centre. 

If, however, you have ever competed here then it is impossible to remove your name from our records – but we can delete anything else like your mobile, postcode etc.

If you want us to do this just drop us an email confirming the information we currently hold and we will do this.

In addition a link is provided in each and every email that we send (apart from our transaction emails) that allows you to remove yourself from receiving important information from the centre. Once removed you will never be re-added with that same email address – regardless of whether or not you continue to compete at the centre.

We like the fact that the new law intends to clear up all those complicated terms and conditions you find on websites. We have always believed in being clear and transparent.

Why aren’t you asking me to confirm remaining part of this list?

We have all had hundreds of emails from companies (many of whom we don’t really know!) asking us to confirm we want to carry on receiving emails we mostly never asked to receive in the first place!

Our email list is made up of 3 segments

  1. People who are registered clients on our website or associated services
  2. In an extremely limited number of cases – been supplied by registered associations (Such as BS) for the purpose of making you aware of events in your area.
  3. People who have already specifically subscribed to our service

Because we do not take any information from irrelevant external sources we believe that your option to permanently unsubscribe is sufficient. 

The End!

The long and short of it is that we will continue to be careful with your data. Continue to be careful to respect the wishes of people who wish to withdraw from receiving information on our services.

We have been registered with the ICO since 2010 and our registration number is Z2240709

You may follow this link : to see if any other organisation is registered.